News from previous years

New charges explained

For many years the “Rare Breeds Motor Show” has been held in conjunction with the Village Carnival and has proven to be both a significant visitor attraction and a pleasurable venue for the exhibitors.

With no Carnival last year it seemed that the accompanying Motor Show would not take place either and indeed that was the situation until very recently.

Recognising the importance of the event to the village, a small number of volunteers have come forward and ensured that there will be a motor show this year, albeit on a smaller scale than previous years.

Now renamed as “Lavenham Classics” and held on August Bank Holiday Sunday at the recreation ground.

Without the Carnival providing the financial support, with very few offers of help and with no time to secure outside sponsorship it has been necessary, for the first time, to charge exhibitors. An unpopular (with exhibitors) decision but an unavoidable one.

Any proceeds from the event go, as in previous years, to the Lavenham Community Council.

Please contact Bruce Goddard should you either wish to know more or are willing to help on the day.

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