Latest News about Lavenham Classics motor show 2021

We are already for this year’s event on Sunday 29th August 2021 (11am to 4pm)

After last year’s successful, social-distanced event, planning for this year’s August motor show is all on track.

Due to take place on the August Bank Holiday Sunday, unless government guidance changes, we are now unable to accept further entries.

However, provisional entries already advised as being accepted will still be accommodated if the entry forms are sent in before July 16th 2021

Passes are due to be issued in early August as per usual.

Visitors are welcome to attend the event – there will be food, refreshments and a bar available.

4 thoughts on “Latest News about Lavenham Classics motor show 2021

  1. One of the best and Fred and I endure many leaners, stroker’s and fondlers, wonderful village, Bruce Goddard is a star, but Lavenham is always a delight. Thank Bruce, he’s brilliant.
    Fred and ‘im. (Bruce will know).


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